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At Moosehead Solar in Greenville, Maine, our main focus is customer satisfaction. Whether we are installing a new solar energy system, upgrading an existing one, or just providing technical support as you install it yourself, we go above and beyond to ensure our customers get the most from their system. But you don't have to take our word for it. Read what some of our satisfied customers have to say.

"I believe I was one of their first customers in 1995. I wanted a system that was just like being connected to the grid. I did not want to put unused lights out or run one appliance at a time.

Their great staff, including a master electrician created the ultimate system to satisfy my needs. I have a 3,300 square foot log home with two 2,100 square foot garages full of power tools and lights, a boat lift, 5 zone heating system, 220 volt water pump, garbage disposal, dish washer, washer/dryer, 4 large TVs, ceiling fans, etc. My system includes 24, 170 watt solar modules, a 3,000 watt wind turbine, and a backup generator that does not run very often.

I have been given the option to upgrade as technology changed and have done so. I could not be happier with my state of art system and the service from Moosehead Solar."
- The Quelletts, Moosehead Lake

"North Maine Woods Inc. hired Moosehead Solar to install our first solar powered system in May of 2005. The system has worked very well for the past six years.

Over those six years, Moosehead Solar has installed additional equipment for our company at six additional locations in Allagash, Portage, Ashland, Telos, and near Greenville and Rockwood. We have found both John Myatt and Charlie Lazore to be professional, knowledgeable people who have backed their equipment 100%.

I'd recommend their services from Moosehead Solar to anyone interested in utilizing solar equipment."
- Al C., Executive Director, North Maine Woods Inc.