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How Solar Energy Systems With Panels Work

Prior to investing in a solar system, you need to understand how it works and what the best design is for your home or business. At Moosehead Solar in Greenville, Maine, the systems we design sell themselves. Using components such as solar panels, batteries, and inverters, our expert technicians create a fully functional system that uses the sun as a renewable energy source. Although there are different designs out there, we believe a solar panel system works the best.

Newly Installed Solar Panels

Why Design Is Important

A mistake in the design can lead to expensive solutions. The wrong choice in components or a poorly integrated system could cause a bad performance or require costly repairs and new equipment. We handle the design nuances so you are assured a highly functioning system with minimal need for expensive servicing. We offer both off-grid and grid tie systems.

Using The Sun for Energy

As the sun shines during the day, solar panels generate power to charge the battery and provide electricity. At night, the inverter automatically runs electricity from the battery bank. The generator is used for additional, back-up battery charging in case of cloudy weather. The inverter will automatically start the generator and initiate a recharge to the battery if it is depleted or the load is too large for the battery to supply on its own. A grid-tie system uses utility power to recharge the battery as opposed to a generator.

Six Mitsubishi 125 Watt Solar Modules

Electric Generator

Solar Panel Or Generator

Locally, a solar system is a better option than wind because it requires less maintenance, and there are more sunny days than windy. In addition, solar systems are far superior to generators in length of life and maintenance requirements. Generators are loud, inefficient, and most run constantly at full speed to power even the smallest light bulb. By combining a solar system with a generator, it increases the generator's efficiency and decreases the necessary run time, while also extending its service life.