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Enjoy Energy Efficiency and Savings

A photovoltaic system, off-grid and tie-in, offers many benefits. At Moosehead Solar in Greenville, Maine, we realize the many great possibilities but advise that you spend a little extra time and money to ensure you get only the best. The system you implement must be able to withstand the harsh Maine weather and supply the amount of energy you use.

Solar Cost

There are many reasons why a remote site home should be powered by photovoltaic electricity. For the majority of people, the first reason to use PV is cost. If the cost is $10,000 to bring the power from the power line, you are required to invest or borrow the full amount upfront. You are responsible for an extra $1,000 to run a cable from the road to the house and install the service equipment.

Then, you have the privilege of purchasing power at the going rate with possible guaranteed yearly increases. PV electricity costs much less per kilowatt than the power from the utility company. One of our clients paid $27,000 to run power a quarter mile away. If you focus on making your house energy-efficient—which means avoiding electric for your dryer, heat, and hot water—then our system can handle your needs.

Solar Panels

House With Solar Panels

A Sound Investment

Although you may want to go solar, the initial cost may be scaring you off. We recommend that you start small. Purchase a beginning system and expand as your cash flow permits. We design systems to allow for expansion by choosing the right components now to avoid costly replacements later.

Off-Grid System

A PV system may be required due to the remote location of a home. Not only is it costly to run power from the grid, it might also entice others to move near you after electricity is available. This could mean a loss of your privacy. Land inaccessible to power costs less because it is not attractive to others who need grid power. Use the money you saved from the land purchase to pay for your PV system. Plus, there won't be any monthly visits from the meter man and no bill from the utility company.

Your Duties

A PV system requires commitment. You need to understand how it works and how to troubleshoot any problems. We teach you everything you need to know and offer support with issues.

Residential Solar Panels Installation