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About Us

Moosehead Solar originated on the shores of Moosehead Lake in 1998. At that time, our founder and his wife moved to the wilderness area to enjoy the quiet experience of living on a lake in the North Woods. Our founder was writing computer software and a generator was the only source of providing power, thus it was in use up to 14 hours per day, and the tranquility that had attracted them to the area was gone.

A Solar Panel Solution - Born Of Frustration

Our founder's wife read an ad in Uncle Henry's Maine's weekly sale and swap magazine for New England Solar Electric, Inc. and they sent for their catalog. They experimented and then installed a small system that would allow computer usage without the need of running the generator. While this was a small system, it successfully met the modest needs of our founder but lasted only a month before he began upgrading the system. Within six months, he had expanded the system.

House Using Alternative Energy

Solar Panels In a House

Life With Solar

Today, our founder and his wife are running two homes on this system. These include a real home in the wilderness that has an electric refrigerator, washer and gas dryer, TVs, and computers. They can sit on the porch and hear the birds and even the falling leaves. They see more wildlife and the deer and moose often peek into their windows, and they are truly living in nature. Friends and neighbors soon asked for help with systems for their homes, and Moosehead Solar in Greenville, Maine, was born.

Growth Anchored in Customer Satisfaction

Currently, our staff of four experienced technicians installs solar-powered systems in Maine, and we are expanding the business into Florida. Our team remains committed to selling and installing quality products to our customers. You can rely on our qualified team of professionals to provide 24-hour assistance. We work hard to ensure that every customer is absolutely happy, as customer satisfaction is our main goal.

Sound Advice

A PV system isn't the best choice for everyone. It requires the conservation of energy or the need to use the generator depending on demand. It requires monitoring and upkeep. There are very large turnkey systems that can be installed for those with the economic means, but that isn't possible for everyone. We will help you to determine if solar energy offers a solution for you.