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Do you dream of living in a serene cabin by the woods, but don't know how to power all of the things you need for a comfortable life? Are you fed up with high energy bills that take a huge portion of your paycheck every month? Realize incredible energy savings with the installation of an off-grid or grid-tie system designed by Moosehead Solar. Our photovoltaic systems use only the top brands with field-proven ability to meet the demands of Maine's weather and temperatures.

Suntech solar panels, Sharp solar arrays, as well as inverters and charge controllers from Magnum Energy, Xantrex and Trace are the dependable components we use for a fully integrated, properly designed system. Our staff includes system designers, installers, and a master electrician. All systems we install are on par with the high standards of the National Electrical Code (NEC) and have been inspected by local electrical inspectors. Our installations are up-to-code and performed by a licensed master electrician.

Figure out your electricity consumption to determine the solar system size you need and then give us a call. Our systems rely on the amazing power of the sun as a renewable energy source that can save you on monthly electricity costs and are eligible for an energy tax credit.

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Moosehead Solar provides alternative energy solutions to homeowners, camp owners, and businesses in Greenville and all of Maine. We have designed and installed over 300 solar energy systems, including solar panels, wind generators, storage batteries, and electronic components. Our DIY Solar Kits with free tech support are ideal for the do-it-yourself person. Live the life you want, even if it's far from a power line, with our seamless, reliable systems.

After moving to the wilderness in 1998, our owner's tranquil living was interrupted by a noisy generator that ran constantly as the only source of power. An ad for New England Solar Electric, Inc. inspired him to install a small system. He expanded it within months, and currently powers two homes on a system of 32 6-volt batteries, 16 modules, and two 3,600 watt inverters. He now enjoys the peacefulness of nature while still running TVs, computers, refrigerator, washer, and dryer.

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